CLEARLink is our free mobile app that allows you to wirelessly update firmware and customize preferences for AMP Series helmet communication systems. The app includes interactive tutorials for all AMP series features and is available free for both Apple and Android devices.

The all new AMP processor transmits 10x more data at up to 2.5x faster than the previous generation HBC processor. This will enable us to develop more software applications and features for customers.

Multi-Hop is our proprietary technology that uses each helmet controller to extend intercom range. This feature allows users to speak to lead riders even if they are outside of the line-of-sight. The more riders the longer the range!

Advanced Beam Forming (ABF) is our patented dual microphone array that eliminates the need for a close-talk boom / stick style microphone. Our ABF® technology uses advanced DSP algorithms to triangulate your voice’s “sweet spot” and eliminate all other background noise to deliver crystal clear audio.

Digital Signal Processing allows UCLEAR units to filter a wide variety of noise types and other acoustical issues using an extremely versatile algorithm. This technology is well suited for communication in any area where hands-free communications and noise reduction is required.